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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jute Surgical Products ( like Knee Brace, etc )

Some innovative  Jute  Entrepreneurs  have  attempted  to  introduce  some  Novel  Jute products,  in  the  Surgical  Field,  to  supplement  with  “Eco-Friendly”  Jute products,  and  we  will   see  such  Jute  products  related  to  Surgical  field, in this  Post
(Manufacturers of Jute  KNEE  Brace ( Knee Band ), Jute Trays, Jute Tiles (Jute Foldable Tiles),  Jute  Photo Frames, etc)
21, JKJ  Colony, Manickapuram Road, Palladam (P.O)
Tirupur District - 641664 ( Tamilnadu)
Ph :  91 – 9952474926  ( Mr. P. Jaya  Prakash )