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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Jute  Decorative LifeStyle  Eco-friendly   Jute Products  from  India

Dear  Readers,
            Please  find  enclosed   different range of  interesting Lifestyle Jute  Products.   This BLOG  is purely informative and  for helping the entrepreneurs, for developing new range of products,  with their own skill, creativity and talent  and  also  as  a  Sourcing  point for some Indian Jute products,  for  those you are in search of Eco-friendly & Environment friendly Jute Products,  from  India.    Jute Hessian Cloth, used  for packaging purposes, after having “Sand Painting”,  decorated  some  STAR Hotels, in foreign countries.  So, you can also make lot of utility & decorative items / products,  using Jute yarn & Jute fabrics, the Golden Fibre,  with  your Creativity & Skill & Innovation.    A  Separate section "Easy Making Jute Fancy Products"  is  shown at  the end of this BLOG  for  new entrepreneurs.